Cheap Removal Companies in Beckton Park

There are innumerable home moving frauds waiting out there for people who are looking for Cheap Removal Companies Beckton Park.

Distinguishing between the real movers and the fraudulent ones isn’t an easy task at all. It needs thorough research and a careful analysis of the market to be done beforehand as discussed in 5 Pre-Selection Requisites for Finding Cheap Removal Companies Becontree. In addition to that, 14 signs are there that can help you spot the fake removal companies right away:

  1. The removal company under concern will meet your expectation of affordability by offering you a machine-generated estimate of the total moving cost that will exactly fit your budget.
  2. These people will make so many high-sounding claims that you won’t be able to reject them. They will be ready to do anything you are asking for. They will never say ‘NO’.
  3. They will offer you quotes based on cubic feet which is the most unacceptable part of the deal.
  4. They will avoid the extra work like visiting your house before the moving day, examining all the items to be moved, visiting the expected destination for the final move etc.
  5. They ask for advance payments.
  6. They don’t give proper info about insurance or licensing anywhere on their websites. Moreover, their contact info given is also not complete.
  7. They make fake claims regarding the insurance of your goods.
  8. They will never give you a booklet addressing your rights and responsibilities as home movers, clearly violating one of the Federal rules imposed on them.
  9. They will never highlight their company name during any kind of communication. Instead, they will call themselves with generic titles.
  10. The carriers used by them will be non-professional looking vehicles with no symbol linked to the moving company. They will simply send some rented vehicle to your house for making the move, irrespective of what you might have actually paid for.
  11. They will never give you their exact address. If you insist, they will provide you with an incorrect address which doesn’t even exist. So it is always good to check for the validity of the given address beforehand.Cheap Removal Companies in Beckton Park
  12. Your queries will hardly be entertained as most of the time, you will be dealt by an answering machine through a call.
  13. Initially, the company will not let you visit their warehouse or other working area. But if you happen to check one, these places will instantly give you a hint of fraudulence through their unkempt appearance.
  14. Check if the concerned company has ever changed its name. If so then how many times has the company changed its name? This can help you figure out the scammers as such fake companies change their names frequently.

These very basic yet important signs can make all the difference and you can save your money and time by trusting the Removal Company that will make your home moving journey as smooth as anything.