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When you observe the moving experts from Cheap Removal Companies Chelsea packing your goods, you will find that they use different types of packing boxes of different sizes and shapes for different kinds of items to be moved.

These boxes are not randomly chosen. In fact, each box has been designed to cater to the needs of a specific set of luggage items. These boxes may also vary with respect to the material used in the boxes. If we classify them broadly, we come down to 6 categories or types of packing boxes commonly used by the movers:

  1. Moving Closet (Boxes for Clothes)

These boxes are designed specifically for all sorts of clothes. They come in the form of moving closets where you can easily hang your clothes without wasting your time in stacking them up in the heavy suitcases. Shift your clothes from your cupboard to the box and seal it from the front. That’s it! You have packed all your clothes successfully in no time. For more convenience, you can choose between vertical and horizontal moving closets.

  1. Boxes for Books

These boxes are exclusively designed to keep books in a nice and organized manner. They have at least 3 levels or tiers made for that, each having a limited space for keeping books. If you don’t have enough books to carry along, you can use these boxes easily for other items like CDs, DVDs etc.

  1. Dish Packs

These boxes are wonderful for packing the delicate kitchen items, decorative pieces, crystal ornaments, chinaware and other fragile stuff. You can look for kitchen packing tips in Kitchen Pack-Up Simplified by Cheap Removal Companies Cheam: 10 Simple Steps to Follow. Along with the following of these tips, use the dish packs for a safe packing of all the kitchenware.

  1. Mirror Cartons

If you think stacking your framed paintings one over the other in the normal packing boxes will serve their packing needs, then you are mistaken. There are special boxes available that are specifically used for packing the simple and ornamental mirrors, paintings in glass frames and even the delicate table tops. These boxes give these items added protection as they have pads placed all along their inside walls. These pads save the delicate items from the jerks that occur during the move.

  1. Mattress Boxes

This type is generally not known by all. But there do exist boxes that are specially designed to pack the mattresses. They help to handle mattresses of all sizes easily.

Cheap Removal Companies Chelsea

  1. Flattened Boxes

There are some flat cartons used for packing devices or appliances that are flat and can’t be accommodated in any other way in other boxes. Laptops, DVD players, LED screens etc. are usually packed in these boxes.

There may be other types of boxes as well if we look into the wooden, metallic or plastic category of packing boxes. Variety is wide indeed but it’s not necessary that every box type fits your purpose well. Just go with those options that make the packing and handling easy for you on the whole.